Sleep Soft Dear Child

Sleep soft dear child in Heavenly peace
as angels now surround thee;
Released from mortal chains of earth
your time here was decreed.

 Yet though our hearts be troubled
and cold like winter chill;
The love that burned will always shine
on a destiny now fulfilled.

 Ours not to ask the reason why
this hill we had to climb,
as we held and touched a special gift
for just a little time.

 A new star burns so brightly now
and always will be here;
Within our hearts, within our souls
to chase away the tears.

 We think now of the wondrous things;
The birth, the joy and love;
Not given, but lent for a while
and returned to Heaven above.


John Foster

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    Why use an independent funeral director?

    The independent funeral profession has a long and proud history of providing a personal, caring service to local communities.

    Single minded devotion

    With an Independent Funeral Service all of their attention is concentrated on satisfying the needs of the family. They are not distracted or bound by corporate rules handed down from head office. They are flexible and responsive to your needs.

    Devoted to families,
    not profits

    Large concerns answer to shareholders. Independent family businesses answer to you. In a locally owned firm there is no pressure from head office to increase profits. Our business will do well when we serve you well.

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